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With everyone running in different directions to keep up with their hectic lifestyles, finding activities for you and your family to do together is more important than ever. Check out some outdoor-oriented family weekend activities that are great fun and can be enjoyed on a budget!

Camping is one of many family outdoor activities that will bring you out from the cooped-up cubicles and classrooms of your everyday life and in to the beauty of Mother Nature. Whether you choose to rough it in tents or prefer the comfort of cabins, camping provides an opportunity for families to get away from their everyday activities and truly enjoy each other’s company. Imagine sitting by the fire at night talking with loved ones. This certainly beats the evenings spent on video games or in front of the television.

Whether you choose to get away on a weekend long camping trip or just make a day trip of it, taking the time out of your day to enjoy the outdoors with your child is important. The great outdoors is the perfect backdrop for teaching your child about the wilderness and wildlife, as well as fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. You might be surprised to learn just how interested your children are in the world around them.

Hiking, horseback-riding, and trail biking are also some great family outdoor activities that provide an element for physical fitness. Instilling in your child the importance of good health can be fun and the fresh air will be good for everyone. Swimming is another good way to have a great time together. The summer brings many great opportunities for all of these activities. Keep in mind that taking the time to spend together is vital to your family in ways that are immeasurable.

With 3-months off during the summer months, children tend to get restless and bored at home with nothing to do. One way to avoid the mischief that arises from children being bored is to make sure they have something to do. It is time to consider a summer camp adventure for your youngsters (and teenagers).  Summer camps are a great place to send your children when they are off from school.  Not only do camps offer a number of organized activities that will get your children away from the computer and television, but they also put your child in an exhilarating atmosphere where the potential for fun is endless!  Increase your child’s self-esteem and independence by enrolling them in a reputable and respected adventure summer camp, such as Deer Creek Adventure Camp, with exciting programs for all age groups.

While the thought of sending your child off to an overnight camp may be scary for you, it is everything but scary to your child.  Deer Creek offers adventure-based activities that will give your child something to look forward to each and every day of their summer experience.  With a variety of individual and team-building activities, your camper will be learning lessons long after the school-bell rings (and enjoying it too!).  Instead of learning math and English, your young-one will learn valuable life lessons about independence, social-interaction, teamwork and communication through exciting undertakings.

Deer Creek accepts 120 children each year for youth camp enrollments.  The camp is located on 110 acres of land in the Texas Hill Country alongside the beautiful Medina River.  With safety being the camp’s primary concern there is a medical staff onsite at all times.  If you want a great alternative to sending your children to daycare during the summer months, consider enrolling them in adventure summer camp.  Your child will build everlasting memories that they can tell their children in adulthood.

Whether your group is large or small, comprised of teachers or students, friends or colleagues, a team building retreat can be beneficial for any kind of group. The time away from the chaos of everyday life will help your members to grow stronger, as a whole; new bonds will be formed and old bonds will be strengthened as individuals get to know each other through new experiences and challenging tasks. Camps are often times a great location for these retreats because not only are they secluded, but they have a staff that is trained in team-building activities.

Although team building retreats vary in type and length, the main goal remains the same and that is to improve overall team performance.  In general, activities will involves some combination of communication exercises, problem-solving/decision-making exercises, planning/adaptability exercises, and trust-building exercises. Other common areas that are often addressed through such retreats include: leadership, diversity, empowerment, and accountability. Even though the retreats are often short in duration, all of the activities are carefully planned so that lessons learned and the positive team environment can be transferred back in to the everyday workings of the organization.

In addition to be an educational and enlightening experience, team building retreats also allow members to enjoy each other outside the work environment and try things that they normally do not have an opportunity to do. Depending on location, participants can go canoeing together, play a game of softball, go fishing, use the zip line, play volleyball, and enjoy many other fun activities. Having these new experiences together and having members interact, without being bound by their roles, can add an exciting aspect to the retreat that will further promote fellowship among individuals.

Christian youth camps have been gaining popularity in Texas. A primary reason for this trend is that the camps provide kids with a positive and encouraging environment where they can simply be themselves. With a wide-variety of programs for all age groups, the Christian summer camps in Texas help set campers up for success by instilling in them a sense of self-worth.

Summer camps strive to provide campers with an enjoyable experience, within the boundaries of a safe and healthy environment. The wide array of programs allows youth to explore their interest and helps to build confidence in these leaders of tomorrow. Christian youth camps equip and prepare young people for the challenges and ventures in life by bestowing in them the tools for success through team work, problem-solving and healthy social interaction.

Teams of counselors are committed to providing participants with the positive atmosphere and positive reinforcement they need to grow as an individual. This promotes a healthy and confident self-image, and will result in strong leaders of the future.  A variety of individual and group summer camp activities inspire campers to solve problems and encourage one another. Set up for success, these Christian summer camps radiate an encouraging atmosphere of sharing and acceptance.

Making a difference in lives of young people, leaders of today are investing in the futures of the leaders of tomorrow, as well as the communities they will impact and serve. With the help of these trained counselors and leaders of Christian summer camps in Texas, campers will learn to set realistic goals in life, while confirming their own worth and competence. Campers will look forward to this positive experience year after year as they continue to learn and grow from each passing camp experience.

Each summer, thousands of children pack their bags and head-off to various types of summer camps in Texas, ranging from educational camps and camps of religious affiliation to sports and travel camps. Throughout the state, there are over 117 camps that are Christian-affiliated and their strong attendance records prove that there are many reasons to attend a Christian summer camp. Below are the top 5 of these reasons.

1. Fresh Air

It is all too common for kids to come home from school and sit inside all day, in front of their computer or TV, playing games or texting friends on their phone. Camp will get kids off the couch and into the great-outdoors for a healthier lifestyle that’s good for the soul and the body.

2. New Experiences

Camp offers a myriad of new experiences. From basic sports to low ropes and challenge courses (and everything in between!), campers are encouraged to explore the unknown in a supportive environment where they don’t have to fear failing.

3. Building a Relationship with God

Christian summer camps provide a serene and positive environment that encourages campers to build their personal relationship with God through small groups, high-energy worship, and a supportive environment where it is ok to ask questions.

4. Personal Empowerment

Camp counselors strive to instill self-confidence in their campers by encouraging them to try new things and validating their efforts with positive reinforcement. By taking away the fear of failure and ridicule, campers are able to discover their passions and pursue them without holding back.

5. Meaningful Friendships

There is something special about the relationships formed at summer camps. Molded by a positive environment that enables personal-growth it is not uncommon for camp friends to develop in to lifelong relationships.