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Here at Deer Creek Camp, one of the best Christian summer camps in Texas, we believe that recreation and adventure can be an additive part of every retreat experience. Most of our fun summer camp activities come at no additional charge and are provided as a courtesy to our guests. Please note that a few of our highest adventure elements are available for a reasonable fee. We are here to help make your next retreat all that it can be!

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fun summer camp activities

Barn Swing

Our always popular Barn Swing is exactly what it sounds like: a giant circular swing in the center of a rustic red barn! Participants climb a few steps, and then jump off a platform and swing in a curving circle of glorious fun. Smiles are easy to find at the Barn Swing, and this element is at no additional charge for all of our groups!

barn swing (2)

Canoeing and Kayaking

Camp is located on the scenic and cool Medina River, and what better way to enjoy the river than a fun canoe or kayak experience! Jump inside of a one-person kayak and race for speed. Or, grab a group of friends and try to keep from toppling over in a canoe of your choosing. Either way, fun is sure to be had by all who are involved. Please note that groups are responsible for providing their own lifeguards at the River.

High Adventure Elements

For groups that want to take on an electrifying challenge, we are more than willing to open our high ropes course for your enjoyment. "Highs" as we call them are excellent team building activities and provide an opportunity for participants to grown by stepping out of our comfort zone.

Highs that we offer:
-Rock Wall/Vertical Playground w/ tandem zip line
-Leap of Faith
-Team Swing
*Note: These elements are available at a $225 hourly rate.*


More awesome Activities to choose from!

Sports Fields and Courts

We have a variety of sporting fields and courts available for guest use.
-Sand Volleyball Pit
-Full Soccer Field and Indoor-Style Soccer Arena
-Football Field
-Baseball Field
-Full-length Basketball Court

Enjoy Fishing?

Deer Creek Camp is located on the West prong of the Medina River, and groups have enjoyed through the years bringing their fishing gear and enjoying the view. Our river has Guadalupe river bass, perch, alligator gar, and catfish.

Scenic Running Trails

There are a number of scenic running trails on our 110 acre ranch, providing a beautiful set of scenery for your group's hike, job, walk, or stroll. In 2014 we even hosted a 5K to raise money to support the mission to end human trafficking!

Hill Country retreats

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