The Grounds

hill country camping

Aerial view of campers walking through the fields of Deer Creek.

Around the campfire, under the stars, on a bunk, atop the hills, and in the river, campers can be their true selves while learning from the ultimate source of truth.

Outdoor spaces & places

Deer Creek is nestled between the limestone spring-fed Medina River and the picturesque hills of the Texas Hill Country.

Our inviting waterfront and 110 acres provide campers with numerous opportunities for epic adventure and the space for spiritual refreshment. And the cool evening climate of the Hill Country is just right for a campfire.

    • Location: Medina, tx
    • Elevation: 1,500'
    • terrain: Hill, River, Valley
    • waterfront: Medina River
    • Acres: 110
    • Camp Grounds
    • Country cabins
    • Bath Houses
    • Jr. Olympic-Sized Pool
    • 4,000 Sq. Ft Great Hall
    • Outdoor & Indoor Gathering areas
    • camp store & Coffee Shop
An aerial view of campers swimming in the Medina River water surrounded by trees.
campy as
it gets

Campers are placed in cabins according to age. Throughout the week, cabin groups learn to rely on each other, help each other, encourage each other, and cheer each other on. Often, cabin life forms the roots of lasting relationships.

Our single and multi-level country cabins provide clean, enclosed bunk-style sleeping, are air-conditioned, and conveniently located near one of our guys/girls bath houses.

    • Country Cabins
    • Bunk-Style
    • Sleeps 12-14
    • A/C
    • Bath Houses
    • separate Guys, Girls
    • private showers
    • private sTalls
An aerial view of the Deer Creek grounds against the backdrop of the Texas Hills.
A group of campers eating on the patio.

Three delicious buffet-style meals are chef prepared and served daily at camp. Whether it's biscuits and sausage, eggs and fluffy pancakes for breakfast, warm chili, burgers and club sandwiches for lunch, or grilled chicken or chicken-fried steak for dinner—the menu is always balanced and nutritious.

In addition, we offer a fully stocked salad bar with yogurt, mixed salads, fresh vegetables, and fruit at every meal. Campers can also grab a smoothie or a snack at the camp store throughout the day.

    • Breakfast
    • Rise & shine for biscuits, sausage, eggs pancakes, Granola, Cereal & fruit
    • Lunch
    • Take your pick: deli Favorites or Salad Bar
    • Dinner
    • grilled chicken, Tacos, Pasta, BBQ & Fresh Veggies
    • SMoothies & Snacks
    • Healthy & Pick-me-up treats