Our Program

faith. relationships. adventure.

A camper listening to a message on the bleachers of the campground.

Our camps are designed so that campers journey on from here full of faith, empowered by Jesus' grace, and awakened by God’s love.

Camper stacking rocks in the river.

Our faith, drawn by whisper, calls us to the journey ahead. Asks us to brave the unknown with wonder and a full heart. Over hills, through deep waters. Jesus our guide, with us here, now, always. So, let your feet find faith. Soul catch fire. And your adventuring spirit be awakened by God’s love.

Faith-led. Gospel-Centered.
in faith
A group of campers sitting on a porch under trees.


Our camp program uses devotionals, quiet time in scripture, and prayer to inspire daily rhythms for campers to be in God's presence. They'll also get to experience meaningful praise and worship. In addition, gospel truths will be shared in a variety of ways to fit everyone's learning style.

Jesus and God’s Word are always front and center

    • Teachings
    • Through experiential lessons
  • Devotionals
    • in cabin group Sessions
    • Worship
    • Through meaningful song & praise
    • Quiet Time
    • For reading scripture, & prayer

We see it every summer. Cabin groups develop the ability to rely on each other, help each other, and encourage each other. Tribes compete against one another—all while learning the importance of community, spirit, and sportsmanship. And young men and women build lasting relationships of unconditional love that mirror God's love.

Here, relationships take root.

Developing brothers and sisters in Christ

    • passionate about Jesus & Serving
  • Cabin
    • eat, play, and stay together
    • Bear
    • Teach community
    • unplugged
    • way better connections
A group of campers standing in a circle in a field.

In blistering competitions, campers are divided into four bear tribes—they learn the importance of community, spirit, and sportsmanship.


Feet wander. Hearts fill. And souls ignite with joy.


At Deer Creek, our adventure activities are a whole lotta awe and some.

Campers hike the hills; soar high above the oaks; float the river; take a leap of faith; climb a mountain of a wall to kiss a fish; trek the backwoods; canoe at sunset; gather ‘round the bonfire under a blanket of stars; and journey on from here, full of faith—awakened by God’s love.