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sharing what God has given

It's our hope that families and campers who need financial support can attend camp at an affordable cost.

Each summer, we're able to offer a limited number of scholarships because of the generosity of individuals and organizations who share this desire.

Our Scholarship Program

Scholarships are awarded on an individual basis. It's designed so the parent/guardian can think through what level of scholarship they are requesting for their camper. If approved for a scholarship that amount will be deducted off of the cost of camp after the camper application is complete.  

Deer Creek Camp does not provide full scholarships to camp.

Please request the scholarship that best suits your needs:

1) $200 Scholarship - This scholarship is often approved for military families and some of the local families here in the Medina community.

2) $400 Scholarship - This scholarship may be approved for single-parent homes and households in need of significant financial aid.

3) Extraordinary Circumstances Scholarship - These scholarships are specific dollar amount requests that are awarded on a case-by-case basis typically having to do with a traumatic event that camper or family is walking through.  

Many families need financial assistance. The more you can provide to help your child, the further we can stretch our scholarship dollars to help more families.

to apply

Please complete the scholarship application.

Upon reviewing your request, we'll email you to let you know how much scholarship you're eligible for, as well as login info to complete your registration.

Scholarship Application

Brave Camp costs $1,110
Epic Camp costs $975
The Rock Basketball Camp costs $775 
Are you requesting the $200, $400, or the Extraordinary Circumstances scholarship? Please list the dollar amount of the scholarship you are requesting.