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coming to camp

The entire Deer Creek family is thrilled to welcome your family and invite you to join in on the adventure with us this summer.

Deer Creek staff.
Parent's Guide

In this guide we've got all the information you need to prepare your campers for an incredible summer.

If you have further questions after reviewing the guide, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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Every year, we require an updated medical form for your camper. To streamline the process, we have made it convenient for you to complete the forms online before coming to camp.

Simply log into your parent portal, navigate to the "Forms and Documents" section, and click on the "Health History Form" to access and fill it out.


When you arrive for registration, you'll need to check in with our camp medical staff who will be with us for the entire week.

Just a heads up, any over-the-counter or prescription meds should be handed over on the first day (don't put them in your camper's luggage!). Put the original medicine containers in a zip lock bag with your child's name and instructions inside. For prescription drugs, make sure they stay in their original containers with both the contents and the doctor's instructions attached.

A counselor preparing a camper to head down a zip line.

Camper Prep

We're thrilled to team up with you in getting your child ready for an amazing camp experience!

As summer approaches, make sure to check out our videos on our YouTube page and chat with your camper about the activities that pique their interest.

Fostering Confidence

It's common for campers to have second thoughts as camp draws near. To ease their concerns, parents play a vital role in affirming that they're going to have the time of their life at camp, surrounded by other kids who feel the same way! Our program is specifically designed to make campers who may experience homesickness or apprehension about new things feel welcome and accepted by their counselor, cabin mates, and bear tribe.

If your camper feels a bit unsure about the high ropes elements of camp, remind them of our "challenge by choice" philosophy. They don't have to participate in any high ropes activities that make them uncomfortable.


Campers go crazy for mail from home! Our suggestion is to write your letters or prepare packages in advance and hand them to us at the registration table during check-in. This way, we can ensure timely delivery without worrying about any possible delays in postage. Just make sure to clearly label your camper's name and the desired delivery day.

Phone calls and personal visits aren’t allowed as they disrupt the camp program. If an emergency arises please contact the office and we’ll get your camper to the office to connect with you on the phone.

Deer Creek's camp store.

Camp Store

Our camp store is the place to be!

We've got all the latest DCC apparel and gear, along with a coffee shop and smoothie bar.

Here's the deal

We operate on a camp debit system. When you check in, you can load any amount you want onto your child's account using cash or card. And don't worry, if there's any leftover cash, we'll hook you up with a refund at the camp store during the closing ceremony.

Oh, and here's the best part: the camp store will be open during the opening and closing ceremonies, so your family and friends can swing by and have a blast too!

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Let's get those trunks filled up!

Don't forget to label important items to avoid any mix-ups. We want to make sure everything stays with your camper throughout their time at camp.

what to bring
what to NOT to bring
Campers huddled together.

Theme Nights

Every night, we're going to have a blast at our after parties following the worship service.

We've got everything from rodeo-themed barn parties to epic lip sync battles, and we'll be making memories like there's no tomorrow.

THemes:  June 16– June 22 & June 30 – July 6
Themes: June 23 – June 29 & July 7 – July 13
Poolside at Deer Creek Camp.


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